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A Change of Address

by Jason Z.

You may have noticed, if you normally read this humble blog from, that it's become part of Salsa Commons. (Feed subscribers should have had the seamlessly -- no need to update.)

This is actually the second move for this blog, which now goes by the handle of Salsa Scoop and is part of the Salsa user space being created at the Commons.  We'll keep chattering away here, commenting on both Salsa developments and those in the wider world, but this is only one (relatively small) part of the Commons, which integrates such features as.

  • Dedicated blogs by our tech support guru and our new user
  • An ever-growing documentation space, including video
  • Strategic help, as well as technical how-to
  • Training event postings
  • Developer space to geek out with Salsa's robust API and its slick package development framework for independent programmers
  • User forums -- chew the fat with staff and fellow users on tips, tricks, workarounds, bug fixes, development priorities, or the price of rice in China

It's a major new enhancement of the Salsa community's resources.

There's a decent chance if you're reading this that you've had a whole bunch of e-mails about this site's deployment, so consider this another nudge.  But whether or not you check it out today, next time you click through on a blog post, that's where you'll be finding yourself.  We hope you'll stay and browse.

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Salsa Commons Debuts

Salsa Commons, a new common site for all organizations using the Salsa toolset whether through DemocracyInAction or anywhere else, debuted today. At the moment, what you'll see is a user manual, which is (in ascending order of importance):
  • A massive update from the previous manual available, which had become dated in several key areas;
  • An easily updatable wiki that will serve as a living document we can update and add to as we build;
  • The kernel of a much larger project to build in other kinds of documentation, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and a panoply of other resources.
We've been talking about launching this vessel so long, it's sweet to smash the champagne. It comes with a new feedback address -- documentation at Tell us there, here, or anywhere what you think!

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Be a DIA Guru

Have you met Chelsea? She writes a monthly column, Be a DIA Guru. This month, she's looking at donation reports in Salsa. Collect them all! Templates Merge fields Listservs

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