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  October 3, 2017

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Dear Supporter:

Tell the Governor: 

After 9 years of waiting, don’t take a dime away from preschool expansion! 

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After waiting for 9 years for funding to support preschool expansion, $25 million was added to our state budget and signed by Governor Christie to expand preschool for more than 2,000 3- and 4-year olds in communities throughout the state.

This was cause for celebration -- but that was 13 weeks ago.

Now, Governor Christie wants to go back on his promise and divert more than $5 million away from helping preschoolers acquire the skills necessary to be ready for kindergarten and ultimately, achieve academic success.

Taking money away from young children who would benefit from quality preschool is a bad choice—regardless of how the Governor would like to spend those funds.

Since July 1st , the NJ Department of Education (DOE) has worked quickly and efficiently to make sure that the greatest number of additional preschoolers would benefit from the state’s nationally recognized preschool program.

But 13 weeks is not enough time. Districts receiving preschool funding aren’t even scheduled to have the programs up and running until November 1st and DOE still has work to do, particularly since so many other school districts want to expand preschool for their children.

Let’s tell the Governor that we want the DOE to finish the job and make sure that the entire $25 million is spent the way the budget intended—on preschool for 3- and 4-year olds.

Contact Governor Christie and tell him “Don’t take a dime away from preschool expansion!"


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Cecilia Zalkind

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