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Advocates for Children of New JerseyFebruary 15, 2018     


Dear Supporter:

Yesterday, a gunman entered a Florida high school and opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon, killing at least 17 people and injuring 15. It was the nation's deadliest school shooting since the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, more than five years ago. 

Once again, the unspeakable has happened. Once again, children were not safe in the place they and their parents trusted to protect them. Once again, we are counting the death toll of lives lost too young, futures we will never see. It is time for action, not platitudes.

At the state and national level, we need to ask ourselves what more can we do to protect our children? We know that there is a need to address both gun control and mental health services.

Governor Murphy and members of the New Jersey Legislature, we support your commitment to gun control and stand with you in this fight. Tragedies like this should never happen again. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families and all those involved. 


Cecilia Zalkind
ACNJ President/CEO

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