Salsa Scoop> Friday Fiesta: template security, sharing thoughts, and
thinking positively

Friday Fiesta: template security, sharing thoughts, and
thinking positively

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Happy Friday!

This week, I was pretty proud of April for making this list. I was less proud of Wisconsin at times, but my coworkers are doing their best to remind me to think positive.

Commons Comments

We updated div tags on donation pages as part of our release this week.

There's a great list of improvements from this recent release, and we'd like to hear from you about what you'd like to see next.

If you have any thoughts on the Salsa Market, we'd like to read those as well.

Thanks to Jim for a great explanation on template security.

We got a number of good tips on email spacing.

Finally, my most super-favorite Salsa news this week just might be Alli's awesome improvements to email templates. Do please check them out.

This weekend, I'll be in Madison.


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