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Friday Fiesta: fireworks, playgrounds, and the Summer of Salsa

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Happy Friday!

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Last week's highlight featured the Events Waiting List trigger.

April shares what you can look forward to for this Summer of Salsa.

Google released a new security feature that you might want to pay attention to. Brett posted tips for making sure you handle this well.

Did you miss the Third Thursday (on the fourth Thursday)? That's okay, you can catch it here, as well as view Brett's presentation on spam and Alli's presentation on lolcats... I mean,

Will posted suggestions for floating forms here.

Salsa Spotlight

kaBOOM! helps build playgrounds - how cool is that?

The Institute for Policy Studies is promoting Care Congress, a conference of people who provide care.

A fond farewell to Mothers Acting Up and thanks for your work!

Salsa Team Trivia

What's your favorite Independence Day tradition?

This week's question was of course inspired by this coming weekend. My response? Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin has a snowshoe baseball game every year. Yes, they wear snowshoes and play baseball in sawdust. My grandpa's an umpire every year, which of course, is super-thrilling if only because he's my grandpa!

  • Anupama, New User Setup and Senior Project Manager: Making pizza with red and white stripes (tomatoes and cheese), and watching the parade go by on the street where my parents' house is. And sparklers!
  • Nick, Support Specialist: My favorite tradition is using fireworks in ways they are not supposed to be used. However, this year I won't be able to since we currently have a Burn Ban in Texas.
  • Shawn, Support Specialist: Other than sleeping in? Throwing something on the grill.
  • Zak, Support Specialist: So I bought some giant fireworks from Pennsylvania about three or four years ago. Every Independence Day since then, I have planned to launch them off, but they are so huge and scary that I never actually do. It has become sort of a tradition at this point.

Have a happy weekend!


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