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Friday Fiesta: donation queries, Free-for-Alls and food on sticks

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Happy Friday!

Commons Comments

Did you see Jason's Highlight post last week? I think these donation query conditions are pretty awesome.

Thanks to Shilpa for the feedback on recurring donation triggers.

Does anyone import Salsa donations into Salesforce? Let Ronna know how you do it.

Thanks for the tips on templates with a banner image.

Keep an eye on our July webinars for some new webinar formats. Our first Free-for-All is today!

Salsa Spotlight

Happy Birthday! NCADP is 35 years old this month!, a project of the Institute for Policy Studies, focuses on income inequality.

Corporate Accountability International invites you cast your vote in the Corporate Hall of Shame.

Salsa Team Trivia

What's your favorite thing about county fairs?

This week's question was inspired by my weekend plans. In my county, we have two fairs, but the most official county fair is this weekend. My favorite thing: baked potatoes from the 4-H food stand and walking through all of the animal barns with a toddler. Something about the boy just makes chickens so much more fun!

  • Allen, Senior Support Specialist: I think I like the small town atmosphere of a county fair. Usually, there's no organized parking, the people you pay are local folks helping out, and everyone is there to have a good time. The best part, however, is the stories that you'll hear. Just ask anyone about what they are doing or exhibiting, and you'll get a wonderful view of a completely different world.
  • Jess, Support Specialist: Food on sticks.
  • Perry, User Interface Engineer: I've never been to one, I don't think. Unless they have a Gravitron, in which case the Gravitron is my favorite thing.

Have a happy weekend!


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